We create analytical software
to make it easy, even for us.

We are dedicated to the creation and support
of the Adwind Kite software for processing data
from media research and monitoring of advertising.


What is vital for us in software development?

  • Piktogram papírový drak

    We want you to be able to devote your time
    to really important activities without lengthy waits
    for calculation.

  • Piktogram papírový drak
    User friendliness

    We believe that even complex analytical software can be used easily and intuitively.

  • Piktogram papírový drak

    We really care about data security
    and user accounts.

  • Piktogram papírový drak

    We want you to be able to access your data whenever and wherever you need to, without assistance :)

  • Piktogram papírový drak

    We think that software can develop
    and offer ever more options, but still be
    on hand in a form familiar to its users.


Adwind Kite

is an integrated solution for the analysis
of people-meter data and data
from the monitoring of advertising.


Adwind Kite is a cloud-based solution.
After registration, you can access your data from any computer, even abroad.

Why use Adwind Kite software?

  • Piktogram rychlost

    Quick calculations from a large amount of data
    Calculations take place on our own optimized servers, which are significantly more efficient than most users’ computers. The results of media analyses are available
    to users in seconds.

  • Piktogram databáze

    Always UP-TO-DATE
    The data are transferred to the Adwind Kite database immediately after production and are available to all users within minutes.

  • Piktogram prohlížeč

    Simple and fast installation
    Installation takes approximately two minutes and can be done by users themselves. During start up the application checks for updates and, if needed, automatically updates without any assistance from the user. This means that the user always works with the latest version.

  • Piktogram nahrávání

    We back up user data on regular basis
    User settings (analyses, filters, target groups…)
    are backed up on our servers every hour, so the user cannot lose saved data (e.g. when the disc of his computer crashes).

  • Piktogram vlaštovka

    Simple and intuitive use
    The user environment of Adwind Kite is designed to be the most friendly possible. The initial training and user manual are included in the price of the product. However, our experience shows that none of these are really needed. After software installation, clients are immediately able to prepare even the most complicated analyses. If you still need help, you can always call our helpdesk.

  • Piktogram zámek

    Secure work with data
    All data are provided over secured https protocol (used e.g. by Internet banking applications) and are
    stored on our servers, thus preventing inappropriate or incorrect use. Every use is logged and monitored.
    A misused account can be blocked immediately.

  • Piktogram sdílení

    Sharing of analyses and filters between users in one company
    Users can store their own media analyses for the entire group and such analyses will be seen by all users
    in the group. Each user can create their own templates for their favourite analyses or use default templates
    in Adwind Kite.

  • Piktogram komunikace

    Fast and effective support and problem solving
    The cloud solution and the fact that the client gets data from our servers means minimal problems.
    Thanks to information about the calculation process
    and logging of non-standard statuses, if a problem arises we have the relevant information at our disposal
    for a quick solution of the problem. In most cases,
    a personal visit to the client is not necessary.

  • Piktogram cloud

    Accessibility of data and analyses from several computers
    We provide specific users with licences. These users can install the application on several computers (at work,
    at home, etc…). On all of these computers they see their saved analyses without having to transfer anything.
    In case of problems with their own computer they can immediately start working on any other computer
    with MS Windows and Internet connection.

  • Piktogram zátěž

    Calculations do not overload user’s computers
    The calculations do not overload the user’s computers, so the user can work in different applications at the same time without any problem.

What types of analysis can be created in Adwind Kite?

  • Piktogram časová analýza


    For analysis of defined
    time intervals
    (from seconds to years).

  • Piktogram detailní analýza


    For analysing descriptive
    data (programs, spots, ads)
    in detail.

  • Piktogram křížová analýza


    For analysing totals
    and subtotals of large
    sets of data.

  • Piktogram analýza průběhů


    Graphical representation
    of program schedule combined
    with viewership figures and charts.

And this is how Kite looks

  • web 2. en
    Users can create their own templates and share them with other users
  • web 3. en
    Example of a detailed analysis
  • web 4. en
    Display of Time Analysis
  • web 5. en
    Example of a schedule analysis
  • web 6. en
    Target group editor
  • web 7. en
    Pivot analysis and its settings

Adwind Kite Lite has been the primary software of Czech people-meter research since 2013.

Our products are directed at users in media agencies,
the media and its representatives, and companies in general
that need fast and effective evaluation of media audiences.

Logo ATO

Since 2013 we have been delivering Adwind Kite
in its Lite version to the Association of TV organizations as the primary software
of  people-meter research.

Our team

We work hard to make the use of analytical software as agreeable as possible for our clients, and to make their work with data faster and easier.

Jakub Vidner
Adwind Software Director and Chairman of the Board

We are keen to hear new ideas, and stand ready to enhance our software with new functions to meet your needs.

Jan Neustadt
Senior Analyst